Present Surprise

give the gift of a

Be Remembered.

distintuish yourself with Appeal, Quality and simplicity.


Stand Out.

Among the other tokens of appreciation your clients receive, let your's stand out. Your gift should reflect your quality. When they open their Rockabella Pie, they will be taken back by the attention to detail, presentation and artistry. 


1.5 Pounds of Fruit

in every 3 pound pie. We don't skimp on quality because we are in this for the long haul. Gift treats, too often, look amazing in pictures often to disappoint when we open boxes to find a litany of small, pre-packaged, plastic wasting items that aren't even fresh anymore. At Rockabella, we bake your pie fresh and shrink wrap it the same day we ship. We gratify that anticipation your client feels when a gift package arrives.


Take Them back

to a simpler time, when food was hearty and fresh; before corn syrup and industrially produced foods dominated our palettes. Pie is a nutritious and delicious staple of our unity and culture. Pie is something we all agree on. Don't just let them know you're grateful, let them experience your gratitude in every rich, warm bite of a Rockabella Pie.

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Sending more than 5 gifts?

Give us a call at (646) 822-2903 and we will give you a Personal Pie Concierge and set your order up for you. We need only your recipient's delivery information, which we can keep on file for you, and your payment method. 

Don Thomas Buses

"I can't believe how beautiful these pies are! Really delicious. We all loved them. Thank you again!

Mrs. Slowy,

Rockaway, NY

Pies were amazing as usual. Huge hit. Thanks again!

Cara Ann

Staten Island, NY

My family cannot stop talking about the pies and how amazing they are. My dad said to tell you he LOVES the blueberry! Thanks so much!



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Call between the hours of:

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9am - 6pm

Local delivery order 24 hours in advance. Shipping order 72 hours in advance.

$30 Delivery & Shipping Minimum.


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