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Not in Brooklyn or Staten Island and want a Rockabella Pie? Not a problem!

We ship our fruit pies all over the region. Whether you are in the city, the suburbs or the sticks - our $5 flat rate regional 1-2 day shipping is perfect for you. Your pies will arrive fresh, and remain that way for up to 4 days. Visit our "Pie Care" page (Coming Soon) for instructions on how to keep your Rockabella Pie fresh.

Regional Shipping Menu


Pies are shipped via USPS 1 - 2 Day Shipping.

Regional Gift Shipping


Pies are shipped via USPS 1 - 2 Day Shipping.

Choose any flavor from our shipping menu in the gift selection product page.



Physical Address on North Shore Staten Island coming soon!



Call between the hours of:

Mon - Saturday

9am - 6pm

Local delivery order 24 hours in advance. Shipping order 72 hours in advance.

$30 Delivery & Shipping Minimum.


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