Get a custom sculpted pie to make your table look FABULOUS. Impress your guests with food art! We promise, it will be so pretty - that you will almost feel guilty eating it. Almost.....


You can put a custom message too! No more than 25 characters please. If you want a special message, let us know in the "custom message" section!


Oh! Sorry - this product is NOT available gluten free!


  • This product was produced in a facility that processes nuts, eggs & wheat. 

  • Schedule your delivery Mon - Sat, 10am - 4pm  (no delivery sun). 

    Order a minimum of 24 Hours in advance - remember, we bake your pies fresh to order!

    Specify date of delivery while placing your order. 



Physical Address on North Shore Staten Island coming soon!



Call between the hours of:

Mon - Saturday

9am - 6pm

Local delivery order 24 hours in advance. Shipping order 72 hours in advance.

$30 Delivery & Shipping Minimum.


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