Forget about any other Pecan Pie you have ever eaten before. This is different. We are not just throwing a bunch of corn syrup, eggs and pecans into a pie shell. Nay - our Pecan Divine Pie refuses to be lumped into the fold with those "other", basic batch Pecan Pies. You will tell immediately from the rich, dark color of our Pecan Divine, this this is no ordinary Pecan Pie. 


We start with a handmade and slow simmered, salted butter caramel base. Once the warm smell of caramal fills our kitchen - we add our Madascar Vanilla Beans and extract to *really* get that aroma going. Once we are fighting the temptation to dive into our giant, 4 gallon pot - we know it's time to begin adding the rest of the ingredients (we would tell you what those are, but then we would have to....well you know. It's proprietary).


Our Pecan Divine Pie is a must try. We recommend serving it with a dollop of fresh whip, a scoop of vanilla ice cream or even just a tall, cold glass of milk.





Serves 6-10 depending on how you slice it!

*Contains Pecans

9" Pecan Divine Pie

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  • Our pie fillings never use wheat products. We use corn starch as thickeners. Our gluten free crusts are made with certified GF flour, and mixed in seperate bowls than our regular flour crusts. We are sure to make our GF batches first to avoid any cross contamination from airborn flour. 

  • This product may only be delivered to Brooklyn or Staten Island and is not available for regional shipping. 



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