Your first order will contain a FREE pie cutter! How else will you be able to cut your pies every month!


Be the first to enjoy our new monthly flavors, and get a delectible surprise (or surPIES) every 4 weeks! Enjoy a full pie along with whatever goodies we are sending that month!

Just set it and forget it! Rockabella will show up once a month with a special delivery. You can eat your pie that day, or freeze it to heat up during that special dinner that you have planned. From whole pies, to handpie samplers to assorted treats - you will be the first to eat each new and classic product on our menu! We may even make something delicious and special, just for our Pie Club Members!

Pie of the Month Club

Gift package your monthly pies ($10.00 monthly)?
Price Options
3 Month Pie Club
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$36.00monthly/ 3 months
6 Month Pie Club
6 Months of Rockabella Pies!
$34.20monthly/ 6 months
1 Year Pie Club
Enjoy a whole year of Rockabella!
$32.40monthly/ 12 months



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