Send America's Perfect Pies!

Our Premium Pie Medley features:


  • A full 3lb Rockabella Fruit Pie, with the filling of your choice, complete with decorative lattice.
  • A box of a dozen signature CrOoKiEs! Pie crust lovers will drool over our crumble topped crust, glazed to perfection and finished with a drizzle of our cranberry filling. They're bigger and heartier than a cookie, but you still can't have just one! 1 full dozen.
  • A Dozen of our signature Pie Bites. These little guys are the tiny pies you have been dreaming of. It's the full Rockabella Pie experience in just two bites (or one BIG bite!). Assorted flavors, 1 dozen.
  • Stainless Steel Pie Cutter which is an amazing addition to anyones kitchen. 
  • Festive Gift Wrap with a gift note of up to 500 characters. Make it short and sweet, or let them know how much you miss them!
  • Pie Care Instructions letting your recipient/s know how to heat, freeze and care for their pies for ultimate freshness!


Order all the way up to 24 Hours in advance and enjoy our local gift courier service! We put tender loving care into our gifts, from crust to bow.  Let your recipients feel that warm, personal, Rockabella Pie Shop love!


We ship for a flat fee of only $5 - Be sure to allow shipping time for your pie to arrive! Order 24 hours before you want your pie to ship! We use 1-2 Day USPS Shipping. 

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